Our offer

  • Shop + Urban Farm in one, turnkey delivered

  • Including services:
    • Growth-as-as-Service climate control
    • seeds & nutrients
    • production planning software

  • On demand production

  • produce 80 different vegetables simultaneously

  • Franchise model (in preparation)

Urban Farm Shop

...the place to buy fresh, local produce. In the most sustainable way. "Beyond organic" as we call it. The produce is directly sourced from our onsite hydroponic farm. This is a 1/4 acre greenhouse and shop in one. Products from other local producers products are also sold in the shop.

There is no need to have extensive grower’s expertise or 24/7 attention to run a successful Urban Farm with strong sustainability performance and positive local impact.

There are many suitable locations for new Urban Farm Shops. We are currently identifying the best areas and neighborhoods and are connecting with interested local parties to engage in our next generation Urban Farming model. Our expanding network consists of policy makers, project initiators, entrepreneurs, operators and investors.

Urban Farm Shop in your local community? We provide a quick scan to assess the viability and would love to discuss how to make it work!

Unique Selling Points




robust and optimized
material use

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autopilot climate and
cultivation control

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access to world-class
knowledge and peers

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healthy business case
for local produce

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Client benefits

LD cost savings 250x138

20 times more yield
per acre than on full ground



huge benefits of local
high tech production



in just hours!



simultaneously produce
over 80 types of veggies