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Healthy food for everyone

LocalDutch delivers turn-key Urban Farm Shops offering local food and social impact to local communities.
With our standardized state-of-the-art technology, we aim to scale in a franchise structure to 500 Urban Farm Shops in the next ten years;
this is our mission: provide 1 million people with fresh produce every day.

Introducing the Urban Farm Shop

The Urban Farm Shop is a standardized 1/2 acre Farm and Shop under one roof. Applying a new community based year-round operational model for locally produced healthy food. Sold directly to end users coming to the Shop, to members of the CSA or through last-mile delivery.

This innovation reshapes the local food landscape, aligning with the vision of providing sustainable, delicious, and affordable choices for a healthier community. With zero food miles and no food waste.
The Urban Farm Shop helps solving problems with the availability of fresh and nutritious produce. It ensures community independence from food imports.

Urban Farm Shop Community

About us

Urban Farm Shop Community

Meet the local impacters of LocalDutch. We arise from a long-lasting Dutch expertise in CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). Our diverse team is dedicated to our unified vision to make the food supply chain better. More sustainable for people and the environment we all live in.

LocalDutch is founded by industry leaders Maurice van der Knaap, 4th generation in the greenhouse business, and Arne Spliet, with extensive background in the sustainable energy sector. Our team is committed to making local impact with proven Dutch greenhouse technology and leave a better world behind for our children.

Clients of LocalDutch

Our clients are developers, investors, and operators of Urban Farm Shops. People who want to improve local food. People who understand the urgency for a more sustainable and social community solution.
As workforce development is crucial for the future of sustainable food production, universities and schools were the first to get involved in our projects. Also, healthcare companies show great interest in launching Urban Farm Shops for preventative health and behavioral change in the communities they serve. After the first few Urban Farm Shops are in successful operation, local entrepreneurs, backed up by local investors, will become a key client segment. With the introduction of the franchise model growth is foreseen to accelerate.

The promise to 'do good' resonates with all our clients, as we social responsibility is integrated into successful commercial ventures.

Urban Farm Shop Community

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