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At Bidwell Urban Farm Shop (BUFS), we're passionate about nourishing our neighborhood with affordable, healthy food while empowering and educating our community. As a proud initiative of Bidwell Training Center, affiliated with Manchester Bidwell Corporation, we've been serving Pittsburgh's Chateau neighborhood for over 50 years. Now, with BUFS, we're taking the next step in bridging the gap between communities and institutions by providing accessible, nutritious food to our residents.

Our Mission and Vision
Our mission at BUFS is clear: will nourish our neighborhood by sustainably producing affordable, healthy food while empowering and educating the community. 
Our vision is to cultivate health, kinship, and well-being through fresh food and education. 

What is BUFS?
BUFS is more than just a farm shop – it's a neighborhood resource for healthy, sustainable, and locally sourced food. Through a groundbreaking partnership with LocalDutch, we're implementing a cutting-edge grow system at the Drew Mathieson Greenhouse. This revolutionary dry hydroponics system allows us to produce a variety of affordable, fresh produce for our community while minimizing water usage, land use, waste, and pesticides.

Our Goals
BUFS will provide the freshest hydroponic produce available, other quality local goods produced in the Pittsburgh region, as well as premium potted herbs and ornamental plants grown in our greenhouse. We will also educate customers, BTC visitors, and student learners about the benefits of local food production and consumption, and buying locally. 


Metropolitan St. 1600
15233 Pittsburgh, PA

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